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Privacy policy and Warranty

International and Thai orders

  • The warranty is valid 1 year after the purchased date and only valid for leather/skin part not include all hardwares, zipper and lining. The charges on repairing product is based on our standard, basically we offer a free service under warranty period. However there might be charges on some cases which we will inform you case by case.
  • The warranty is valid for any product below the factory standard or quality control error in leather/skin, sewing, loosen thread, intentionally uneven colour of leather/skin but not including natural imperfections of leather/skin such as natural scars, large pores, blood vein marks, wrinkles and natural folds which are not count as an error.
  • The Warranty is not valid for any damages on leather/skin that is not the factory mistake, natural degeneration of product, misuse of bag or usage that is exceeded limit of bag capacity such as scratched by sharp object, Chemical or Corrosive substance stain.
  • The company has right to refuse to give any service in some cases without any prior notification.
  • Do not use any wax, cream, oil or any chemical or natural solution that contains Solvent, Paint Thinner or Corrosive Substance to clean, polish, treat, burnish or bleach the leather/skin or any hardwares. All damages occur from the previous act will automatically  invalid this warranty out.
  • Customer will be responsible for any charges on shipping cost that occurs during the service (Customer sends product to the company/ The company sends product back to customer).
  • This warranty is valid only in Thailand.
  • The warranty document ( Product Identity Card) must not be erased, edited or rewritten from its original version on the purchased date and must be signed by a company staff.
  • If customer breaks any condition above, this warranty will automatically invalid without any prior notification.
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